A list of our services.


Audience Targeted: Display & Video

Uses first- and/or third-party data to target consumers based on demographics, behaviors, purchase history/intent, or brand affinity

Content Targeted: Display & Video

Aligns ads with relevant content at the article level based on content category and keywords

Search Retargeted: Display

Delivers ads to consumers with a relevant search history based on keywords and phrases

Email Marketing

Delivers messaging directly to the inboxes of viable prospects with available match-back reporting

Retargeting: Display & Video

Retargets consumers who have visited the advertiser's site

Website Targeted: Display & Video

Delivers ads to relevant sites based on topic

Native: Display & Video

Integrates messaging directly into the pages of national and local publisher sites, mirroring the form and style of editorial

Custom AI Look-Alike Modeling

Ingests CRM data and/or pixel data collected from sites and apps to create AI generated LAL models for programmatic and social targeting

Streaming Audio

Delivers audio messaging through some of the world's largest streaming platforms

Search Engine Marketing

Delivers ads next to relevant search results for the greatest opportunity to measure conversions


Deliver your message to our loyal radio station listening audience which pairs best with your ideal consumer


Facebook and Instagram

Amplifies image or video messaging to targeted users on Facebook and Instagram


Capture the attention of engaged consumers through targeted static or video ads based on their location and demographics


Delivers static or video messaging as users search for informative, engaging content and ideas

Tik Tok

Provides unique engagement solutions and immersive formats to creatively and authentically connect with audiences


Positions your messaging in users' feeds in the world's largest professional networking environment

YouTube TrueView

Broadcasts pre-roll across YouTube
(advertiser only pays for ads that have not been skipped)

YouTube Bumper

Delivers 6 second, un-skippable pre-roll before video content on YouTube



Targets mobile users based on their current location or locations previously visited (up to 365 days in the past)

Geofencing + Foot Traffic

Delivers ads to mobile users based on location, recency and tracks foot traffic to your business


STV Streaming TV

Broadcasts video ads in high-impact environments by running on TV screens via connected TV devices

OTT Addressable Geo-Fencing

Targets the devices of consumers at specific households or businesses with OTT video based on a list of addresses provided or curated based on demographic, psychographic and location


Station APP Sponsorship & Experiences

Have a dominant presence with local consumers who come to the radio station via our mobile app to listen, read content or participate in contests

Content Marketing

Couple your brand with content on our stations' sites. Our content is professionally curated and enjoyed by thousands of local consumers daily

High-Impact Ad Units

Delivers your brands to consumers on our radio stations' sites in a large way. Your messaging cannot be missed

Major Contests & Promotions

Be playful with local consumers by aligning your brand and messaging with the fun contests and promotions we run in your local market


Web Services

Website design and hosting, as well as SEO services, reputation monitoring, social posting, directory cleanups and more


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